I Bought My Little Brother A Sword For His Birthday

I Bought My Little Brother A Sword For His Birthday
Yeah, I did. I bought my younger brother a sword for his birthday. Actually it was two swords, they came together. Here is a picture:

Beast Twin Blades

Nothing too fancy, the blade's a good 20 inches (full sword length 28.)
Was this highly irresponsible of me? Probably. But I heard he made a lot of people angry on his birthday. Including our mom. Who purposely ruins their own birthday? Nobody, that's who. Poor feller was misunderstood.

At least that's what I think. Something did not go as planned? It happens... it happens to all of us. Every time it happened to me I always wished that somebody would just... not look at me with the same eyes as everyone else. And just buy me a fucking sword. Well... maybe not the sword part--but you get what I mean! hahahah.

I may not know exactly what happened, but... he's getting Ninja Twin Tanto Blades in about two days. Happy Birthday.

I'ma buy him a sword
- me

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