Things I Like About My Girlfriend

My girlfriend, Quintasia Walker is great. I feel like I should tell the world. She is a great person. From unmelodious beginnings a person can grow to down-right finely tuned.

Today I want her to know that I appreciate all the small things she does for me--all the things she puts up with. I can not believe she can hold so... so well. She does not denounce, deplore, or whine. She is calm...
And when I come to her, almost the perfect definition of giddy seems to engross her, having a sensation of whirling and a tendency to fall or stagger / faint in my arms--I ask God "How did this happen to me?" When almost at the same time she wonders the same. And I just can't seem to catch up. Can I honestly say it is possible for me to pay the proper appreciation? No.

And I say pay by reason of the fact her every action is just so... deserving. Never guilty of asperity, Quintasia is always enveloped in a bubble self-designed but so calibrated. This girl will put up with anything I throw at her. She will always smile at me. How can I deserve this..?

And with that, she is my favorite person.

5 things I like about her:
I like how she always makes me food.
I like how she gets all giddy sometimes.
I like how she clearly doesn't need me but lives like she does.
I like how she always looks so pretty.
I like how she never gets tired of me.

I Bought My Little Brother A Sword For His Birthday

Yeah, I did. I bought my younger brother a sword for his birthday. Actually it was two swords, they came together. Here is a picture: