Poor Samsung...

We've all heard the verdict on the Apple vs Samsung trial right? Yeah that crazy billion dollar verdict. Well Apple isn't done yet. They've come up with a list, as asked by U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, of Samsung phones they want banned.

Here's that list:
Droid Charge
Galaxy Prevail
Galaxy S 4G
Galaxy S Showcase
Galaxy S2
Galaxy S2 AT&T
Galaxy S2 Epic 4G
Galaxy S2 T-Mobile

Man, a few days ago I was just at a party admiring a friends Samsung Galaxy S2 phone. "It's a nice phone huh?" she said to me. Finger-scrolling around I just nodded my head. I wanted that phone. Later on that night I saw someone taking a picture of the cake with an iPhone. From the distance, it looked like such an inferior phone compared to the mesmeric Galaxy S2. To think... this very phone could soon be banned from the market. It would be a real shame.

Of course Samsung isn't done yet. They're planning an appeal.