F.lux Is Good For You

F.lux Is Good For You
Do you hate your eyes?
Oh you don't. Because I see you don't have F.lux installed on your computer so I just naturally assumed you liked torturing your eyes with your super bright computer screen.

You are now wondering what F.lux is. Well let me tell you. F.lux is this simple computer program that will automatically dim the light on your computer screen at night. It's actually a little bit more complicated than that. The geniuses behind it did their homework and found out that it's far better to filter out certain colors instead. The end result is something you wont even notice through the day because it's a natural effect.

You see computer screens were made to mimic the bright light of day. So in the morning when the sun is out and bright, your computer screen is also really bright--and it's great, but what about at night time, when the sun goes down? Your computer screen is far too bright and it puts an unnecessary strain on your eyes. Often times you will notice that your eyes start to feel baggy if you use the computer at night for long periods of time. Further more, it becomes hard to go to bed and what ends up happening is you stay up really late. This program changes the lighting of your computer to match the room you are in according to what time it is.

I highly recommend you give this a download because it's good for you. For me, it actually helped me sleep better. And my eyes don't burn as much at night when I'm using the computer.

Oh yeah, it's FREE! So go on then, give it a try.
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