Schemer - What is Schemer?

Schemer - What is Schemer?

I saw someone with this cool image of a cool social networking-like site. The thing I really liked was that it didn't ask you "What's on your mind?" or tell you to "Share what's new" --no this site was much better. It greeted you with "Hi" and told you you're looking a bit diabolical. It encourages you to become a schemer, to come up with things you want to do in life and go out there and do them. This my friend, is the beginning of everything worth doing. This is and it's really real:

The site lets you list all the things you want to do in life, kinda like a bucket list. It also lets you discover new things to do. It's encouraged that you list things going on around you so that others will find them. So if you ever find yourself out of things to do, you can check up schemer and come up with something going on near you in no time.

The website was created by a group of Google Engineers who wanted to help people do fun stuff in real life. They came up with this nifty trailer, check it out:
If you ever find yourself feeling a bit adventurous, you're gonna want to sign up. But the thing is, it's new--so it's still in Beta. This means it's invite only. Lucky for you, I got this special lil button
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You might wanna hurry there's a limited number of invites :)

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