Schemer - What is Schemer?

I saw someone with this cool image of a cool social networking-like site. The thing I really liked was that it didn't ask you "What's on your mind?" or tell you to "Share what's new" --no this site was much better. It greeted you with "Hi" and told you you're looking a bit diabolical. It encourages you to become a schemer, to come up with things you want to do in life and go out there and do them. This my friend, is the beginning of everything worth doing. This is and it's really real:

Borat, Bruno, and now The Dictator

Sacha Baron Cohen returns to the big screen as an all new character, staying true to his comedic style, it's totally insulting, at times disgusting, and just plain out rude. But you love it, so it's all OK. Here's the trailer:

MIB3 - Men in Black 3 Trailer

As promised, the trailer has been revealed 12/12/11
You will now click play... and fetch me some cookies shortly after. You will forget you watched the trailer and then come back and watch it again because it's a trip. Will Smith is top notch my friend.

If you want to learn more about the movie, you might want to check out the IMDb page on it. The Official Website for MIB3 is also worth checking out.