Google Search App For iPod and iPhone

Google Search App For iPod and iPhone
The other day I wrote a post about Googles Search app for the iPad but since I don't have an iPad I couldn't try out myself, sad I know... But whatevs, I got an iPod so of course I tried it out. The iPod app sadly is still the same as it was a few months ago, but it's still great, very usefull and works much better than trying to google search on the iPods built in Safari app.

Anyways, to point of this post. I saw this little microphone or whatever next to the search field on this Google Search app and--I always knew it was there, but I never used it, so this time I gave it a go and the results where pretty interesting. I just had to share this, check it out :)
I asked "Where's China?" and then Google did it's thing and...
← This is what Google thought I said. First time?! Really?! And of course the top result for this query was an article on on having sex for the first time.
Then I tried it again and somehow though... it seems I misspelled "where's" but I wasn't even typing, I was talking. I didn't know you could misspell words while saying them..?
So of course I had to try again, this time saying every word as clear as my Mexican accent would allow. I said "WHERE IS CHINA" and... it almost got it right. Almost.
I gave up trying to say it and tapped on the search bar. A list of things Google though I said came up and look what was #2.
I tapped on that sucker and finally it showed me where china is. Thanks Google, you're the best :)

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