Zelda HD - Wii U Presentation Shows Off Link In HD

Here is Link in all his deserved glory:

Please note that nothing has been confirmed, the footage was just shown to showcase the new system. It might not even be in the making yet! but it looks incredible :)

Lego City Stories - It's Lego GTA For Wii U

Nintendo showed off a new game for Wii U at 2011's E3, Lego City Stories.
Sadly, there is no other info on the game except of course that it is being developed by Traveler's Tales the same people that made the LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Batman games. You might want to try your luck at checking out the LEGO Wikia on this game, it might have some more info for ya :)

There's a ton of LEGO games out there, Click Here for a list on IGN.

Wondering What's The E3 2011 Schedule? Here It Is :)

Here is the Full Schedule for E3 2011. It all starts tomorrow, June 6th.

I Try To Redeem My Two Free Games...

So I went the PlayStation Store and the Welcome back offer was finally up, I took the following picture:

The PlayStation Store Is Up And I get Down To Business!

I scurry on to the PS Store to get all that I can, it's like a brand new place! Lets see... what to do first... hmmm.... oh snaps! InFAMOUS 2 Demo!