So who exactly is this "Linkvier"?! I thought that was a website. Yes, it is a
website--but not really. It's a blog that attempts to deliver videogame related news. Is it any good? well..... its new so lets not get ahead of ourselves and rule it out. The idiot behind it thinks it's worth keeping it alive simply because he enjoys blogging and what not. In FACT he loves it so much that he wanted to blog about it at linkvier.com! but that would be a terrible idea, since that blog is reserved for NEWS. And people that just want the latest interesting news do not want to read about his "little stories" or "what he thinks about this or that" or "what he's been up to". So what does a man do? You got it--He makes an entirely new blog dedicated to his ramblings.

And presto

WhosLinkvier.blogspot.com is born.

Hey I never told you who this "Linkvier" was!
It's me. My real name is Javier, Javier Ocampo. Nice to meet you :)

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