The Contest Is Now Over - Here Are The Winners!

The Contest Is Now Over - Here Are The Winners!
Check out the awesome people that won the first ever contest on! These winners are the coolest people that went out of their way to help promote this cool new website. They were of course rewarded handsomely.
Hurry up and expand to see who won! And what they won!

In first place was user Trickydb9 who is the leading viewer in the entire site! Great support from this guy, he deserves his awesome new shirt, which I might mention cost 25.99 but of course since it is the only one in existence, once the time passes it will be one of the rarest shirts you can find anywhere as it commemorates Sonys blackout of the PlayStation Network.
In second place landed Sandra Aguilar who brought a lot of people to Facebook "Like" us! with her help, we nearly have 40 likes! that's a big step forward to our goal of 50! Great job Sandra! Unfortunately since we only had one shirt to give away for free, this little lady will have to walk home with nothing but a pat in the back... --And the honer of being featured in the coolest new website the internet has ever seen!

I know our awesome winners are out there somewhere reading this, tell us champs, how do you guys feel having won the very first contest hosted by

For the rest of you, please congratulate!
Thank you for visiting :)