Mortal Kombat Glitch - Challenge Tower

I was playing Mortal Kombat yesturday, trying to finish all the challenges before my girlfriend while she slept and all of a su--well just watch, I managed to grab her iPod and record the end:

400 Meter Asteroid Will Approach Earth On November 8, 2011

The asteroid will be visible at around 11:28pm to the people in the northern and southern hemispheres. Is it going to hit earth or what? Are we all going to die?! Well...

How To Redeem Sonys PSN Welcome Back Program

I'm sure your all wondering just how the heck you can redeem your promised PalyStation Network "Welcome Back" offer. Well you should first know that it is now known as the "Customer Appreciation Program", and this is probably because you can only redeem this offer if you are a PSN or Qriocity customer. Keep reading to find out how you can reap the rewards.

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The Contest Is Now Over - Here Are The Winners!

Check out the awesome people that won the first ever contest on! These winners are the coolest people that went out of their way to help promote this cool new website. They were of course rewarded handsomely.
Hurry up and expand to see who won! And what they won!

Trailers For All the Free Games Your Getting From Sony

Heck yeah! Free games from Sony.
You read about it here and their blog.
Now step forward and look at the trailers for each game because you've probably never heard of some of these games. So in case you were wondering which games to get, heres a little help :)

Steps To Getting The PS3 Updated to Ver. 3.61

So with all the great news on PlayStation Blog today, I immediately went to to update my PS3. Here's what happened:

I turned it on and saw this message saying there was an update!
Then I went to the update section and choose to update Via the internet an viola!

Further Details On PlayStation Network Status Central

If you want to be in the loop at all times, you can go to the PSN Status Central, where there will be updated news every 3 hours around the clock. I give you my word I

Mortal Kombat 9 Kombat Codes

I bring you all the Mortal Kombat Combat Codes or Kombat Codes/Kodes, whatever they're called, they are here in an easy to read format. Your welcome :)

Which is better, PS3 Or Xbox?

For over five years now we've had time to explore both systems. I'm pretty sure everyone has tried both systems at one time or another. Now we can all evaluate on our experiences.

So who exactly is this "Linkvier"?! I thought that was a website. Yes, it is a